Taiwanese hand-made food 
Aesthetics food that ignites your taste buds

The founder, Mr. Cheng Ruitai, grew up in a farmer's family. He recalled that he was not rich during his childhood. He had no snacks. He could only eat sweet potatoes, watermelons, and peanuts those he grew, but he felt more excited and happier than eating any snacks. Therefore, he decided to promote natural and healthy food. His business philosophy is to be an environmental practitioner and provides the best natural nutrition and agricultural products to everyone.
Strict quality control on the selection of raw materials, complying with national laws and acquired ISO, HACCP, international safety certification, SGS inspection reports, and Non-GMO certification to bring up healthy and delicious products to consumers and gain their trust.

In addition to producing all kinds of Chinese dim sum and a series of high-quality beverages such as fragrant soy milk, rice milk, and barley milk, Master Cheng also actively develops new products that conform to market trends, and also accepts OEM, ODM, and other customized services.

We believe that our continuous efforts and improvements enhance our trust, so we try our best to achieve another milestone. We hope that under our diligent management that will bring more healthy and delicious products to consumers. Sincerely invites you to join us with the grand success of Master Cheng!

The success of Master Cheng's

Strictly select ingredients

All materials and ingredients have been chosen strictly for high-quality products.

First-class equipment

Fully automation control system, multiple cleaning equipment for ingredient safety, and the most advanced grinding machine coupled with automated packaging. Master Cheng's operate with the most complete production line.

Professional skill

With specialized skills, and continuous integration, innovation to improve the production technology.

Strict quality control

Professional food quality control, safety, and ease.

With quality certification

Passed with SGS inspection, ISO, HACCP international safety certification

Customized in OEM and ODM services

Corporate milestone

Our growth, from your affirmation and encouragement!

2002.03 Founded with government legal registration

2002.04 Set up 2 automation crust production lines

2002.09 Established concentrated raw soymilk and pancakes production line in 2003 April

2003.07 Exported to United States and Australia using refrigeration transportation in 2005 August

2005.09 Upgraded concentrated raw soymilk production machine line to improve the production capacity and product quality

2007.02 Fully automation using PLC control and automatic packaging for producing soy milk

2008.10 Concentrated raw soy milk and new-flavored pies launched in United States

2009.09 In 2009 Nov. all product are exported to Canada, concentrated raw soy milk is exported to vietnam. (Using refrigeration transportation method)

2010.03 Passed ISO22000 and HACCP certification within a year preparation on 2010 June

2013.07 Achieved organic certification in 2013 November

2014.03 Establish new brands: Pure happiness series beverage drinks, Master Cheng's food series

2014.07 Cooperation with National Chung Hsing University

2014.07 Joined Taiwan franchise promotion association and beverage association

2015.02 Cooperate with Hungkuang University

2017.05 Achivement presentation with National Chung Hsing University

2017.06 Develop burrito healthy series product